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Writer-in-Residence Tally

route (1)Later this month, a new Writer-in-Residence for the Interisland ferry will be named. Since my term ended in August, I’ve begun to comb through journals, review my notes, and revise essays I drafted.  Here’s a preliminary tally of my year of riding and writing on the MV Tillikum once or twice a week:

  • 18 blog posts, August 2, 2018 – August 29, 2019, at
  • 30 journal entries
  • 1 essay published in an anthology (“Salish Sea Account” in For Love of Orcas)
  • rough drafts of 10 essays
  • 0 whale sightings
  • hundreds of sightings of other marine life
  • writing with a dozen other writers aboard the ferry
  • several naps
  • met a mah-jong group
  • 1 birthday celebration witnessed
  • 1 stranding on San Juan Island when the Lopez dock froze
  • participated in one fire drill
  • took hundreds of photographs (see a few below)
  • listened to 1 cello-playing freight truck driver
  • dozens of interesting conversations with passengers and crew
  • attendance at the Floating Ukelele Jam
  • I lost track of how many people said, “That’s so cool!” when I explained what I was doing. 

love of orcas cover



I’m looking forward to how the tally looks for the next Writer-in-Residence.



One comment on “Writer-in-Residence Tally

  1. I was starting to feel like the only one who never sees whales on the ferry! Turns out: nope.


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