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Back on Board

September wrapped up an exciting year of sharing my memoir, Hiking Naked. I was fortunate to do a tour in the Northeast and Midwest last month; it was a planes, trains, and automobiles kind of adventure!


While I was in Connecticut, I had hoped to ride on the Cross Sound ferry to Long Island, but my schedule didn’t allow that. Three weeks with no writing/riding time on the Interisland left me longing for its quiet, inspiration, and beauty.

Two days after I returned home, I went aboard for just one round trip—getting my feet wet again, so to speak.

A few days later, I was in the “office” once more, and I savored the shift from summer to autumn. One obvious difference – the cormorants on the wave breaker outnumbered the passengers!

Even on a rainy day, I know I have one of the best writing gigs anywhere.


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